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Halfway between Lagoon 450 and 400, the French shipyard has opted for this intermediate model, especially focused on the Charter world. A model that collects all the advances of the design of catamarans both aspects ; navigability and habitability. This beautiful catamaran that you can rent this summer in Ibiza has 4 large cabins with its 4 independent bathrooms. The crew is accommodated in the two outer cabins located on the bow pikes.

The Flybridge, with the command post, allows the skipper to have his independent work space, so that the winches stoppers and everything that supposes an inconvenience is far away from the passengers. In the bow a new space is created, where next to the sunbathing net, and the two pulpits typical of catamarans, seats are located to enjoy the sea breeze while sailing.


The Lagoon 42 rental catamaran collects all the tendencies of the modern sailing. The delayed mast, allows to lodge a genoa autovirante, which greatly simplifies the tacks and gybes. The mainsail has a generous surface ,  the rocking of the leech, and its forced swords. All this creates a balanced set that combines powerful sails but at the same time very easy to handle.​

To simplify even more the maneuver of the catamaran, both halyards and sheets, are forwarded to the command post located in the Flye bridge. In this way the rest of the boat is clear and free of winches pulleys or cabilleria, and is easy to handle by a single crew member.


Only its external image gives us an image of modernity that distinguishes it. the design of the skates, more straight, of bilge more alive. The side lunettes that illuminate the cabins, and the lunettes of the lounge in smoked color give the catamaran a powerful and dynamic image.


The exterior of the Aero is designed for elegance and functionality. The sleeve, or width of the boat is 7.70 meters practically the same sleeve as its big brother the Lagoon 450, so both the interior room and the outdoor bathtub have impressive dimensions. Also in the design of the boat all the steps have been eliminated, so that the bathtub is totally flat, so it gives even greater sense of spaciousness.

Both platforms of stern are wide, and the steps are very short, so it is very comfortable to enter and exit the water. It is also very pleasant to be sitting on the steps soaking your feet in the water, fishing or watching the children while they bathe.

The command post is located on a small flybridge, from which the boat is easily handled. The entire maneuver of the ship is concentrated in the command post, so that winches stoppers, cabilleria is far from the reach of the crew, something especially to assess if small children sail in the charter.


In the design of the Lagoon 42 Aero Catamaran, special emphasis has been placed on the design of the outdoor spaces and it has wide spaces for relaxation and comfort. Next to the aft lounge and if what we are looking for is the refuge of the sun, we have a comfortable bunk bed and a chaise longue, ideal places for pleasant reading or a good nap.

If we want to take advantage of our vacations to take a sunbath, we have the wide bow network or a double-body solarium next to the fly. In this way life on board becomes more pleasant, as we always find a place on board where with some privacy we can rest on the margin of the rest of the crew.

In this way life on board becomes more pleasant, as we always find a place on board where with some privacy we can rest on the margin of the rest of the crew.

SALON in the lagoon 42

The lounge of the catamaran Lagoon 42 is located in the center, between the two skates that form the hull. It is very large and also bright, since all the lateral perimeter are large windows from which the sea can be seen. In the living room there are three different spaces, the dining room, the kitchen and the card table, the famous space of the navigator.

In the dining room fit perfectly 10 people eating, and also has the peculiarity that the table can be lowered by converting this space into a fifth bed. The Catamaran Lagoon 42 Aero has a huge television that although we will use little in our vacations, some soccer fan or F1 will come very well and will prevent you from going down to a bar to watch your favorite program.

​KITCHEN of the catamaran

The kitchen is equipped almost like an industrial kitchen. For cooking we have a three-burner stove, a gas oven and also an electric microwave oven with grill. To stow the food we have two spacious refrigerators, each one with a small freezer. Outside you have a third fridge very useful to carry  cool drink.

The Lagoon 42 has many cupboards where stow food. We have equipped it with a very complete kitchen so that you can cook as in your own home.


The catamaran Lagoon 42 has 4 cabins with their bathroom included. There are 4 authentic luxury suites, with well-equipped cabinets, drawers and lots of lighting. They have openings in the roof and in the side bulkheads.

There is no more pleasant feeling than lying in the cabin and seeing the stars in the sky through the upper lunettes. You feel like in heaven. They also have interior portlights from which you can see the sea, almost like in a submarine Both the living room and the cabins are decorated with light woods, combined with white cloths, which gives a modern image and above all very bright.

The cabins are well lit with large windows, all of them have a night-time darkening system.

All bathrooms are equipped with separate shower closed in separate compartment, have hot/cold water and the water treatment plant we will not have to skimp on the showers. The bathrooms are electric. The white corian countertops, wood cabinets and mirrors give a picture of luxury to these large bathrooms.


Each cabin has its own separate bathroom with shower and sink with mirror. Also all the toilets are electric. Yes, electric. the bathrooms are almost more comfortable than those at home. Missing with the push of a button and the electrical system is responsible for flushing the toilet. as in airplanes or trains. The showers have hot water, and also as it carries drinking water, we will not suffer from lack of water on board.



If you have a license or nautical license, you will love driving this charter boat, because it has a very complete electronics. You can practice with the plotter, with the GPS and with the radar. It has a lot of multifunction equipment, to enjoy navigation. All electronics is B & G the most modern technology on board

The music equipment is from the brand Fusion, and you can connect by bluetooth to hear your favorite songs while you sail through Ibiza.It is dispatched in zone 2 which means that you can get away to a distance of 60 miles from the coast, about 100 kilometers. For this, it has all the necessary safety equipment, vests, pyrotechnics, life raft, etc.


The catamaran has a semi-rigid auxiliary boat type zodiac, with an outboard motor. This zodiac is very comfortable both to climb down to the shore of the beach, and to the beach clubs. In addition, the zodiac has a very powerful engine, so it is ideal for excursions to corners of the coves. This zodiac has a power of 10 horses, so anyone can take it even if they do not have a license or a nautical license.


Our catamaran Lagoon 40 for rent in Ibiza is dispatched in zone 2 which means that you can get away to a distance of 60 miles from the coast, about 100 kilometers. For this, it has all the necessary safety equipment, vests, pyrotechnics, life raft, etc.

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