Lagoon 450 is without a doubt the star of catamarans for rent. The older brother of the popular Lagoon 40 s2, designed for the most exquisite clients. An authentic luxury catamaran to spend an unforgettable holiday in the best coves of Ibiza and formentera.

At Ibizawinds we offer you this top-of-the-range catamaran, built in 2015, and equipped with all the extras to enjoy the sea with the comforts of a luxury hotel.

The Lagoon 450 catamaran has 4 spacious cabins as a suite each with separate bathroom. The living room and kitchen are very spacious and well connected with the outside dining area. The exterior dining room has a large table that will accommodate all the diners to enjoy unforgettable evenings in the light of the moon. It also has several hammocks to relax in the shade.


Comfort and Simplicity

Sailing on board a Lagoon 45 by the waters of Ibiza is a real pleasure. The stability of the boat is incredible thanks to its great beem. The advantage of the catamarans with respect to the sailboats, is that they do not shore, always go flat on the sea. We can move about the boat quietly, eat, cook without fear of falling by the heel.

The feeling of sitting down to take a snack while navigating at 10 knots and the glasses do not fall off the table, to see how the foam of the sea comes behind the skates is something unique.

Also on this catamaran the maneuver is so simple, that a child is able to sail with it. All winches are electric, so do not make any great efforts to hoist the sails or perform any maneuver.

The genoa is rollable. The mainsail has a comfortable lazy bag to catch it effortlessly when we lower it.

Everything on the catamaran lagoon 45 is thought to be comfortable and simple. All the maneuver, winches and ropes are concentrated in the fly bridge. In this way the boat is free of cables, avoiding the danger of tripping with any sheet during the maneuvers.


The outside lounge of the Allegra, what we usually call a bathtub in the nautical world is the heart of summer life. In it we find a large dining table, with upholstered bench seats and to which we have incorporated teak chairs. In this place we will enjoy our summer meals and dinners.

The atmosphere is very pleasant thanks to the combination of the upholstery and the floor that is made of teak wood.

This space is completed by a large chaise long sofa, where we can sit to read in the shade.All this space is covered by the sun thanks to a rigid cover, so we will be protected from the sun’s rays and possible rain.

From the bathtub we can easily throw ourselves into the sea, since it is directly connected to the skates, where we have the bathroom stairs.


The Allegra has multiple and large spaces accommodated with mattresses to rest and sunbathe. Our Lagoon 450 is the F version, that means it has Fly Bridge, a second floor, what we call the attic of the seas.


Being in an elevated position we have a perfect control of the boat, which makes it especially comfortable and safe to perform the maneuvers of the port.

The other great advantage is that the rest of the boat is free of winches, stoppers, ropes, or any element that could be a danger to passengers. Children can run around the boat safely.

In the Fly we find the command post, which has a large bench with spectacular views of the horizon, which also accommodate a further 5 people broadly ..

On the fly bridge also has a large solarium of almost 2 x 2 meters, an ideal place to sunbathe during the day or where to lie down to see the stars at night and enjoy a bottle of champagne.

In the bow and to enjoy the sea breeze some comfortable sofas next to the net of prow, the magical space where we have the sensation of sailing on the sea.


Who has never dreamed of sailing on a catamaran through Ibiza, barely suspended by a net over the sea, watching the waves pass under us and a family of dolphins come out to greet us. If you doubt the network is the magic space of this catamaran that you can rent this summer in Ibiza.


​Like everything in the Lagoon 450, its living room is spacious, very spacious. It is divided into 3 main rooms, all as if it were a modern loft. The dining area, the kitchen and the navigation area. All the sides of the room are glazed, and everywhere you see the sea, so you have the feeling of having, as it is, in the middle of the sea. 360º of breathtaking views of the coves of Ibiza and Formentera.

In the catamaran Allegra we have chosen the best materials used by the shipyard and combined to enhance its elegant and luxurious appearance.

In the dining room there is plenty of room for all the crew of the catamaran, and at night, you can lower the table to turn the living room into a huge bed.

Of course we have equipped this catamaran with a huge television.


​The kitchen of the Allegra is undoubtedly the best equipped of the boats that sail through Ibiza. It has all the comforts for cooking, a three-burner stove, a gas oven and also an electric microwave oven with grill.

We also have a dryer and iron washer to always have the clothes ready and a dishwasher to avoid having to bother with the cleaning of the household.

To stow the food we have three spacious refrigerators, each one with a small freezer. Outside you have a third fridge very useful to carry the cool drink. In addition the Allegra has many cabinets, drawers and spaces to stow both food and drink that we will consume during the week.

We have equipped the kitchen with all the necessary utensils for the week. There is no shortage of cutlery, pots pans salad bowls, Italian and Nexpreso coffee makers, electric vacuum cleaner, toaster …. The catamaran has a generator,so  we always have 220 volt current on board.


The catamaran Lagoon 450 has a very good distribution. From the lounge down to each of the skates, where you will find the four cabins with their bathrooms.

All cabins are double and very spacious. They have cabinets, drawers and space of esteem so that you can store the suitcases under the beds. There is plenty of room to store all the clothes. The mattresses are made of latex and the slatted bedspring. All staterooms are perfectly lit, have portlights and lunettes both in the roof and in the side bulkheads. The light colors of the wood, the upholstery and especially the number of portlights give the cabins a great luminosity.

Each cabin has independent air conditioning, and plasma television.


Each stateroom has its own bathroom, equipped with a comfortable hot shower, in addition to cabinets to store all our cleaning material. And the most important thing is that all the bathrooms of this catamaran are electric. they are activated just by pressing a button. Something really comfortable if you used the usual boat bathrooms before.

The showers are independent in closed cabin with its screen, and have hot and cold water. the floor is made of teka wood.

​Electric generator

The Lagoon 450 Allegra catamaran is the most equipped of Ibiza, and to meet all the energy demand, we have installed a powerful generator, which means that you have 220 current on board. If you have rented other boats before, you will know the limitations of being able to use sockets of only 12v on board, as in cars. On this catamaran you can sail through Ibiza and Formentera, always enjoying an endless 220 volt current

Water treatment

Fresh water on boats is a scarce commodity. Because of large deposits in the ship, the water runs out, and we are forced to limit our showers. For this reason, our Lagoon 450 catamaran has installed a water treatment plant capable of generating 90 liters per hour. You will not have to waste a whole day to go to port and fill the fresh water tanks every 2 days

Air conditioning

So that in this holiday you do not have to suffer from the heat, we have equipped our two new units of independent air conditioning for each of the cabins, and for the living room. And as above is connected to the generator, you can enjoy the conditioning even if you are anchored in the most remote cove of Ibiza

​Washing machine and dryer

In few boats we can find this type of comfort. Of course being able to enjoy clean clothes during the charter week is. Of course we also have on board board and clothes iron.

Ice machine and 3 refrigerator

We will have ice to cool your cocktails all week without limits. A luxury that in summer you will appreciate